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Allergy Testing

Applying contact allergen drops to forearm test area

Skin Testing

A skin prick test, or scratch test, is used to identify allergies to pollen, mold, pet dander, dust mites, medications and food. The testing will take approximately 15 minutes.

Contact dermatitis test patches on patient's upper back

Patch Testing

Patch testing is used for allergic skin rashes (contact dermatitis). We test for allergens such as chemicals, cosmetics, personal products, hair dye, fragrances, or metals. At the procedure visit, patches are placed on your skin. Then in 48 hours, you return to our office for patch test removal and interpretation.

Example potential food allergens in solid and crushed form

Oral Challenges

During an oral challenge, the medical staff will administer increasing amounts of a food or medication to help determine if you are still reactive to that substance. Our staff will monitor you carefully and are well trained to manage allergic reactions, should they occur during the challenge.

Lung Function Testing


Spirometry is a test of lung function that measures the volume and speed of air that a patient can inhale and exhale. It is particularly valuable in those with possible asthma and can be used to monitor asthma over time.

Image of lung testing

Exhaled Nitric Oxide

Exhaled nitic oxide is an easy-to-perform breath test that looks for evidence of airway inflammation in those with possible asthma. It is also helpful in monitoring their asthma.

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